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Why Us?

Bubala indoor playground is one of the first playgrounds directed to serving kids ages 7 and under only.

Our dedication and professionalism has been proven over time by a successfully operated business model.

We currently own and run three active playgrounds in the state of Maryland. At this point in our careers, we are ready to share our experienced business model with potential business partners all over North America.

We will guide the process from start to finish, analyze the market, help with obtaining the lease, logistics, equipment engineering and manufacturing, staff training, legal support and any questions along the way.

Each potential partnership is discussed individually. The success of our company is based on your success.

What We Offer


All of our franchise packages include continuous staff training before and after the opening of your franchise. We work closely with your management team and employees to make sure they reach their full potential in this industry. Team building is the key!

Assistance Before Opening Your Franchise

  • Help with Obtaining a Lease
  • Legal Assistance
  • Engineering and Installing Equipment
  • Business Analysis & Technical Support
  • Marketing & Advertising Support
  • Assistance with your Grand Opening

Assistance Once the Franchise is Open

  • SEO and Social Media Assistance
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Accounting and Legal Assistance
  • Provide Quality Work Control of Staff


  • Invest, Manage and Run the Business!

Terms Of Cooperation


  • Space has to be anywhere from 3500 sq ft or larger
  • Active foot traffic
  • Destination plazas, malls, shopping centers
  • Long term lease
  • Zoning permits
  • Licensing
  • Public parking

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Bubala Franchise


Monday-Sunday: 10am-6pm

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